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Ysgol Bwlchgwyn CPAim High

Our Governors

The school continues to develop it's child-centred approach to teaching and learning: in other words, your children are encouraged to be more involved in their own learning – with guidance from the teachers, of course – which makes them active participants and helps them to develop skills and qualities they can use throughout their education and afterwards. 


Our latest School Assessment – prepared by GWE and the Welsh Government – consolidates our position as a maintainer of good standards and confirms that the work being done makes further improvement  possible. We expect a change to the ways in which school performance is measured by Government – moving away from bare statistics towards a more balanced assessment, which we expect will further highlight the excellent work being done. The school finances also remain in good shape, despite a challenging environment.


You will also have noticed considerable improvements to the school’s buildings and its grounds. This is part of an overall plan to use all available space to promote your child’s opportunities for learning, indoors and out. Computer technology and the use of educational apps are increasingly at the heart of the curriculum, and the software and hardware available to pupils and teachers are used effectively and with enjoyment by the whole school.


Our pupils, however, remain the best advertisement for the school. They work hard and creatively to the best of their considerable abilities and are a delight to observe and talk to.


Bwlchgwyn School Governing Body


Governor Role

Mr Dylan Williams


Miss Samantha Jutson


Mrs Nicola Roberts

 Non-Teaching Staff

Mrs Kathryn James


Jane Williams

 Community (Chairperson)

Mrs Margaret Roberts

 Add. Community

Mrs Sarah Tomlinson


Mr Mark Peacok

 Local Authority

Mr Rob Woods

 Local Authority

Mr Dave McCall