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Ysgol Bwlchgwyn CPAim High


Our Early Years and Foundation classes work to The Foundation Phase framework for children’s learning. The framework sets out a curriculum that:


  • Has at it's centre the holistic development of children and their skills across the curriculum.
  • Promotes learning through first-hand experiential activities that include play/active learning.
  • Is planned as a progressive framework which covers four years (3-7 years) to meet the diverse needs of all children, including those who are at an earlier stage of development and those who are more able.
  • Involves indoor and outdoor environments that are fun, exciting, stimulating and safe.
  • Is appropriate for children in Wales.


The 2008 National Curriculum orders state that the school is obliged to teach the following Core and Foundation Subjects:


Core:                English, Mathematics, Science and Welsh.

Non-core:     History, Geography, Technology, Information Technology, Art, Physical Education, and Music. Religious education must also be taught. 


Since the Donaldson Review, the organisation, planning and delivery of the curriculum in schools in Wales is undergoing a transformation and is in a period of development. The new curriculum will be available to schools from early 2019 and will be in place and being delivered by 2022. This time is very exciting, and our school has taken the initiative to anticipate and plan for the coming changes, using a creative, child centred approach to teaching and learning utilising growth mindset principles, whilst still fulfilling our statutory obligations regarding the new 2015 orders for English and Maths and the soon to be replaced 2008 orders detailed above.


Further details of the new and emerging Curriculum for Wales can be found by following the link below.

Bilingualism and Curriculum Cymraeg

Ours is an English medium school. Welsh is taught as an additional Language and is used frequently throughout the school day. Pupils enjoy using their Welsh skills in everyday situations, with each other and with staff and greatly benefit from the cognitive flexibility developed through bilingualism. Our 'Criw Cymraeg' student body help support the use and development of bilingualism throughout school.


Music Tuition

Peripatetic teachers of strings and woodwind attend school and offer tuition for ten pupils. School has to pay a significant contribution to the costs of peripatetic teachers attending school. A charge of £40 per pupil per term applies to this provision.


Additional Learning Needs (ALN)

The School provides support for pupils with ALN in compliance with the current Code of Practice. Children are screened using procedures in school which allow us to make early intervention. Children are placed on our ALN register and are supported by the class teacher and ALNCO (Additional Learning Needs Coordinator) initially. Provision is made for children with additional learning needs, including more able children, to follow the National Curriculum and to participate in all aims and objectives of the school.  Early identification and monitoring is implemented and there is a rigorous tracking system within the school for monitoring provision and pupils’ progress. The policy of the school is to integrate pupils with additional learning needs into main-stream education, with modifications of task when appropriate.  Close home school liaison ensures that there is an effective dialogue with parents fostering effective partnership work.


In September 2021 the Additional Learning Needs (ALN) Act will be implemented. The act sets out the new statutory support system in Wales for children and young people with special needs. The term ALN will replace ‘special educational needs’ (SEN) and ‘learning difficulties and/or disabilities’ (LDD), covering all children and young people with additional needs. A key element of the ALN Act is the provision of an Individual Development Plan (IDP) for every child who has ALN, regardless of the severity. The ALN Act aims to help children and young people with ALN overcome barriers to learning and reach their full potential.

ALN Reform - Parent Information