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Our curriculum development and aspirations at Ysgol Bwlchgwyn provide a holistic approach that meets the educational and wellbeing needs of all pupils whilst providing them with the skills they will need to meet the challenges of their future. As a school we have been working very hard to develop and innovate our practice over the last few years in preparation for the new curriculum. Through consultation with stakeholders and the wider community we feel our school vision is aligned with the aspirational, holistic Curriculum for Wales and reflects our nurturing ethos, which is delivered and supported in partnership with parents. This vision is based on key features of the new curriculum and values that we believe our school community hold in high regard.


We have high expectations for our learners in all aspects of their lives in a setting with a strong sense of community and family ‘feel’. These values can be summed up in our school motto of ‘Aim High’ and are broken down as follows in our vision statement:


At Ysgol Bwlchgwyn CP we aim high by:


  • Challenging ourselves and each other to create a positive learning culture with high expectations
  • Respecting one another and the world we live in
  • Believing in ourselves and in what we can achieve by embracing challenge together
  • Nurturing a happy and inclusive school family which is at the heart of the community



Additional Learning Needs (ALN)

The School provides support for pupils with ALN in compliance with the current Code of Practice. Children are screened using procedures in school which allow us to implement early intervention. Children are placed on our ALN register and are supported by the class teacher and ALNCO (Additional Learning Needs Coordinator) initially. Provision is made for children with additional learning needs, including more able children, to follow the Curriculum for Wales and to participate in all aims and objectives of the school. The policy of the school is to integrate pupils with additional learning needs, with modifications of task when appropriate. Close home school liaison ensures that there is an effective dialogue with parents fostering effective partnership work.


In September 2021 the Additional Learning Needs (ALN) Act was implemented. The act sets out the new statutory support system in Wales for children and young people with special needs. The term ALN now covers all children and young people with additional needs, replacing the terms ‘special educational needs’ (SEN) and ‘learning difficulties and/or disabilities’ (LDD). A key element of the ALN Act is the provision of an Individual Development Plan (IDP) for every child who has ALN. The ALN Act aims to help children and young people with ALN overcome barriers to learning and reach their full potential.

ALN Reform - Parent Information

Bilingualism and Curriculum Cymraeg

Ours is an English medium school. Welsh is taught as an additional Language and is used frequently throughout the school day. Pupils enjoy using their Welsh skills in everyday situations, with each other and with staff and greatly benefit from the cognitive flexibility developed through bilingualism. Our 'Criw Cymraeg' student body help support the use and development of bilingualism throughout school.


Music Tuition

Peripatetic teachers of strings and woodwind attend school and offer tuition for ten pupils. School has to pay a significant contribution to the costs of peripatetic teachers attending school. A charge of £40 per pupil per term applies to this provision.